RRD X-WING Y25 slalom

Dostupnost: Kraj zaliha
Čisto slalom jedro Y25 7.0m2 660€ : 7.8m2 690€ ; 8.6m2 710€ i 9.2m2 730€ PURE RACE THE ULTIMATE SLALOM SAIL FOR WINNING RACES AT EVERY LEVEL CONSTANT REFINEMENT IN MATERIALS, BATTENS SPECS AND TUNING FOR RIDERS THAT WANT TO GO FAST AND WIN RACES Now in its 2nd year the X-wing is our pure race sail, with a no compromise design aimed only at the top of the podium. Low end drive, mixed with an incredible top end speed and control makes the X-Wing a dream around the race course and on GPS speed tracks. With a huge number of hours from our team dedicated to squeezing every drop of performance from the sail, the X-Wing is destined for great things.
4.950,00 kn


  • New for Y25 refined shaping in the lower half of the sail for a smoother entry profile and more balanced power delivery.
  • New for Y25 modified outline in the base of the sail for increased low end drive.
  • New for Y25 overlapping batten pockets for weight reduction in the top of the sail.
  • New for Y25 is the Dynamic Pro COMP mast with a refined mast bend curve to improve drive and acceleration around the course and out of the gybes.
  • 7.0-9.2 – SDM mast for improved reflex and performance in lighter winds.
  • 5.2-6.2 – RDM mast for control and comfort in high winds.
  • Triple Power-Clew system for huge tuning range
  • Performance Construction for the optimum strength to weight ratio.
  • Integrated trim system for perfect rigging every time.
  • Brza dostava od vrata do vrata
  • Besplatna dostava iznad 600.00 kn