RRD Trapez Shift PRO L

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FEATURES Moulded EVA & Neoprene outer Pre-shaped internal plate – Natural Barpad with stabilizer wings Rope bar conversion kit is optional Push release spreaderbar Kite hook Safety Knife Key loop and pocket EVA Grip inside Tender Neoprene inside Handle pass leash connectors
2.499,00 kn
1.299,00 kn



The Shift pro is the most comfortable harness in the range, suitable for people with a natural to flat lower back shape. The thicker, larger and less curved inner plate spreads the load widely over your whole back. This combined with the tender neoprene and EVA grip inside results in maximum comfort for everyday and powerful riding. The Shift pro features our improved barpad with stabilizer wings. It slides into the side of your harness, to prevent ride up of the hook and protects your ribs. The bar stabilizer with hook can be swapped out for a rope bar, (available separately) which also features the stabilizer wings. This converts any kite waist harness into a wave harness. It helps you to extend your turns and rotate further and easier while wave riding.

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