RRD Fire Y25

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RRD Fire 7 letvica Y25 5.0m2 500€ : 5.7m2 510€ ; 6.3m2 540€ ; 6.8m2 550€ ; 7.2m2 560€ : 7.6m2 570€ ;7.8m2 610€ ; 8.4m2 620€ i 9.0m2 630e TAKING ADVANCED PERFORMANCE FREERIDE AND FREERACE TO NEW LEVELS MORPHING FROM 5 BATTEN BUMP AND JUMP TO A TWIN CAM POWERHOUSE FOR PERFORMANCE FREERIDERS LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT FREERIDE SAIL, WHATEVER THE CONDITIONS The ultimate in performance freeride. A completely redeveloped range of sails, changing from a 5 batten bump and jump, through to a 7 batten twin cam power house, each size tailor made for its conditions. Lots of low end juice to get you up and moving quickly and plenty of control at the top end to hit top speeds with the GPS. This really is the perfect freeride solution.
3.750,00 kn


  • New Y25 redeveloped range for optimum performance whatever the wind.
  • 5.0-5.7 – 5 battens – Improved control and maneuverability.
  • 6.3-6.8 – 6 battens – Increased stability and drive.
  • 7.2-7.6 – 7 battens – Increased top end control and speed.
  • 7.8-9.0 – 7 battens 2 cams – Low end power for early planing, with maximum stability at the top end.
  • Negative leech curve – More control
  • Tube rod battens in larger sizes- increased top end control.
  • Power-Clew system for huge on the water range
  • Performance Construction for the optimum strength to weight ratio.
  • Integrated trim system for perfect rigging every time.


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